Guys, I did it.

The following post may be offensive to transgender/transsexual/bi-gender people and those who use their faith as an excuse to bully 19 year-old girls online. If you are transgender/transsexual/bi-gender or cannot handle having your views challenged without throwing a virtual tantrum, I encourage you to skip reading this post, as it will probably offend you. I repeat, skip this post if you don’t want to be offended. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life. (Click for more words…)


“The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” Movie Review (from a fangirl)

*SPOILER WARNING. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie and want to avoid spoilers.*

HOLY F***. Oh my frickin’ gosh.

Okay, you lucky souls barely know me. Which means you have no idea how completely obsessed I am with The Maze Runner series. Hahaha, right now you’re thinking, “Oh, she really likes The Maze Runner. That’s nice.” No. I mean, Maze Runner is my absolute favorite book series, the author is amazing, and I fangirl about Maze Runner ALL. THE FREAKING. TIME. (Click for more words…)

Is this thing on?

Hey there! My name’s Anon. Welcome to my blog, The Place Where I Write Things. If you haven’t already, please go check out the About Me page. It’ll give you slightly more information about…well, me.
Why did I start TPWIWT? To put things simply, I have too many words in my head, and not enough opportunities to get those words out. I want a public place to express my thoughts and opinions, safe from the knowing eyes of my friends and family. That eliminates Facebook, and WordPress is the only other site I feel comfortable utilizing for my intended purpose.
TPWIWT has a secondary function, though. I hope somebody will find inspiration or hope on this blog. I know how tough life can be, but I also know that there will always be a better day, and I want to spread that message.
I hope you enjoy my blog. If you don’t, well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for visiting, and keep on keepin’ on.