Ten Followers! (And a Question)


I’ve got ten followers (now eleven, actually)! Thank you, guys!

Also, question: Is it just me or did the little “Admin” button disappear from the “My Site” page? I know you can access the Admin page by entering it into your URL, but having that button was convenient.


So This Is How My Day Went #3

Things are pretty bad right now. I’m just a total mess, internally. My anxiety’s just been awful the past few days, and I’m getting stressed about Kaiden again, and life’s boring, and I don’t know what to do. Everything’s always the same. It never changes. I sleep all day, play the computer, eat, watch TV, and daydream. It’s fall and I want to actually do things, but I don’t know what to do. (Click for more words…)

A Word On My Rants

I quote from my “About Me” page:

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I don’t want to make a scene, but at the same time that’s the whole reason I set up this site. I have so many ideas rumbling around in my head everyday, too many opinions, and I just need someone else to hear them. I don’t expect Internet fame. I’m just looking for a few, invisible readers to see my words, take them in, and do what they will with them….In reality I try to love and respect all people. On this blog I will probably occasionally be a judgmental bitch….I will probably annoy and/or offend at least one person during the lifetime of this blog. I am not interested in fighting. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life.”

I’m a person. I have opinions and emotions, just like any other person. This blog is my corner of the Web to freely express those opinions and emotions. You do not have to like what I write. You do not have to agree with what I write. I am not even asking you to read my rants. I just ask that you respect my right to write (ha) and do not let my rants ruin your entire existence. (Click for more words…)