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First of all, I think I should come clean. I am not actually a mouse. Surprising, I know. Anon Y. Mouse is just an alias I like, and my profile picture is a leftover idea I had to go along with that alias. But I can assure you, that mouse captures my essence perfectly. Well, almost perfectly.
Moving on. To be honest, I don’t know how much to put here. I’m not even sure why I wanted to make this blog, other than I needed a corner of the Internet all to myself. I’m a selfish attention-hog. I am, really, but I don’t let myself act like it in real-life (usually), which is why I so desperately wanted a place where it’s all about me. But now that I’m here, I don’t know what I’m doing. Do I allow myself to show my inner bitter, snotty brat, or do I put on another façade? I’m shy, there’s a high chance my all-knowing parents will find this blog, and I don’t want to piss people off. Oh look. First cuss word on the blog. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I don’t want to make a scene, but at the same time that’s the whole reason I set up this site. I have so many ideas rumbling around in my head everyday, too many opinions, and I just need someone else to hear them. I don’t expect Internet fame. I’m just looking for a few, invisible readers to see my words, take them in, and do what they will with them.
I don’t know how long this blog will last. I don’t know what this blog will contain. I don’t know how many fights I’ll get into or how many nice people I’ll meet. I just need to try, and it never hurts to try, right?
And a nice side-effect of me posting my life for all the world to see, is that maybe I’ll help someone, or let them see they’re not alone. If I can just give one person hope, my blog will be worth the slightly-paranoid stress it brings me.
Some important things to keep in mind. I’m a girl. I’m 19. I live somewhere in the USA. I’m Roman Catholic. The views I express on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Roman Catholic Church. Please do your research before judging Her. In reality I try to love and respect all people. On this blog I will probably occasionally be a judgmental bitch. (Ooo, second cuss-word.) I both love and hate writing. I love music. I love my faith. I love my family, as annoying and mean as they can be. I usually have a sarcastic sense of humor. I’ve got a bunch of mental illnesses, the main ones being Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. Yes, I’ve been diagnosed by a professional. No, I am not ashamed. Yes, I intentionally set this blog up during National Suicide Prevention Week. I will probably annoy and/or offend at least one person during the lifetime of this blog. I am not interested in fighting. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life.
I guess that’s all. Thanks for reading, and keep on keepin’ on.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good afternoon Anon Y. Mouse… I just completed reading everything that you have shared with us on your site and I have been neither annoyed nor offended… However… If you would like to get that one person that you will probably annoy/offend during the lifetime of your blog out of the way… please feel free to go ahead and annoy me and get it over with. I have enjoyed your posts and welcome you to wordpress. I am certainly looking forward to your future postings and want to let you know that we wordpress folks love interaction amongst our readers, so be prepared for lengthy comments such as this one. I do hope that the fact I have taken up so much space in your comment section has in no way annoyed/offended you…
    I hope your Sunday is filled with beautiful moments and thank you so much for sharing a small portion of your life with us…

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