Guys, I did it.

The following post may be offensive to transgender/transsexual/bi-gender people and those who use their faith as an excuse to bully 19 year-old girls online. If you are transgender/transsexual/bi-gender or cannot handle having your views challenged without throwing a virtual tantrum, I encourage you to skip reading this post, as it will probably offend you. I repeat, skip this post if you don’t want to be offended. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life.

I’ve managed to piss someone off. And I did it in under two months. Not only that, but it’s not just one person, but at least…seven people, I think? Yeah, not counting my brief stint on the Whisper app, I do believe this is a new record. And you guys thought it couldn’t be done by someone as sweet as me!

The face of sweetness and innocence.
The face of sweetness and innocence.

So, what happened, for anyone who may be interested, is I was sick of hearing about transgender stuff. No, I don’t hate transgenders, but I don’t think you’ll ever find me behind the movement, and I’ll leave it at that for the time being. So I was looking around online, trying to find some site that hasn’t been lost to this chaos, and I was briefly successful in this endeavor. I came across a random Christian blog that refused to give in to the current trend that is sweeping America, and I spent some time looking around on there. I ended up visiting a site that the blog’s author is, like, a co-writer on, and this is where the trouble started.

This second blog is one of those that claims to be Christian, but is nothing of the sort. Christianity is, at its core, about love, and this blog was about hate. I ended up reading an article that had been shared about a “bi-gender” person (which I’d never heard of before). For some reason (I really, honestly don’t remember why), I decided to look at the comments, and to my horror, almost every comment was ridiculing the bi-gender person. I don’t mean the relatively harmless “that’s weird” or “GOD would never want that”. Words like “grotesque”, “freak”, and the always pleasant “it” were thrown around to excess. It infuriated me that these people, who claimed to be Christians, were bullying this confused person in this way. And that’s what it was. Bullying. I thought, “This is why the LGBT+ community hates religious people. Because there are people out there, claiming to follow Christ, who ridicule LGBT+ people like this and use the excuse of ‘spreading GOD’s Word’ to cover their tracks.”

To any LGBT+ person reading this, I assure you this is not what Christianity is supposed to be. It is human error, and only human error, that has perverted Christianity into the cult of bullies you may associate Christians with. A true, perfect Christian would never assault another human being with such hateful language. But there is no such thing as a “perfect Christian”. We are all human, and we make mistakes. I just wish one Christian’s mistakes weren’t applied to every single other Christian out there. Nobody is perfect.

In my moment of anger, I thought I’d try to “enlighten” these “Christians”. In my moment of anger, I called these “Christians” “horrible”. Looking back, that was wrong of me, and I apologize. But that was the only thing that was wrong about my comment. Everything else should have been said. Amazingly, the blog’s moderator(s) published my comment, but only so they could come back and defend their bullying and call me a “narcissist”. I replied (rather beautifully, I must add, considering the circumstances). My comment was deleted. I replied again, twice: once, pointing out my comment had been deleted, and twice, reposting my deleted comment which I had saved elsewhere. This was Saturday. I didn’t check WordPress on Sunday, since I didn’t want to fill the LORD’s Day with hate.

This morning (I woke up before noon! πŸ˜€ ), I looked at my notifications, to find that one of my comments had been deleted, again, and that the blog writers had rallied a few of their readers together to attack me. What these people posted was not…well, whatever they want to try to call it. It was bullying. Plain ol’ bullying. Only one person (thank you, truck-loving dude) managed to continue the “conversation” without outright attacking me. Everyone else mocked me, and one of the blog writers even decided to stalk me to the point of looking up my IP address and finding out what city I live in. I tried to post a final comment, but my comment was immediately deleted because these people are apparently sore losers…or sore winners. Depends on which side you’re on. It’s obvious they can’t handle criticism, and they really find the word “horrible” horribly offensive. Don’t call someone horrible when they’re bullying a gender-confused teenager they’ve never met on their blog full of conspiracies and homophobia. It’s apparently a grave offense, punishable by mild stalking and virtual assault. (What’s even greater is that most of them were being complete hypocrites in their attacks. Gosh, I love hypocrites.)

I realize I’m fanning the flames by posting this. I realize they may very well use this to continue harassing me. But I need to vent. So vent, on my own personal blog with twelve beautiful and amazing subscribers, I will. As hurtful as the cyber bullying is, I’ve seen/heard it all before. It’s a new experience, being bullied by “Christians”, but it’s just something to add to the list. It’s only cyber bullying, after all. So unless Psycho-Pants decides to take his obsession with me to the next level, I’m safe in real-life.

I’ve already told myself that, unless I see signs of myself actually getting stalked, I won’t be reading or replying to anymore of the bullies’ comments, and I won’t be returning to that site, either. If one of their names pops up on my site, their comments will be promptly deleted without being read. I make the mistake of starting/continuing trouble often enough that I know that it’s just best to stop things abruptly, even if it means that I look like I’ve “lost”. My heart was in the right place, but the reality is that the bi-gender person will never read the bullies’ comments, so there was never a need to defend that person. I tried to defend the Christian faith, but any Christ-following Christian wouldn’t subscribe to that blog, and anyone from the LGBT+ community probably has the sense to stay away from sites like that. I need to work on recognizing when an online fight isn’t worth it (in other words, unless someone is being directly attacked, I should keep my mouth shut), and the bullies need to work on deflating their overblown narcissistic egos. As I tried saying on the bullies’ blog, I will be praying for them.

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Thank you to my twelve subscribers for not attacking me and for making my blog feel like a safe place. And, truly, thank you again, Psycho-Pants, for visiting my blog, even if it was just because you were desperately trying to find something to bully me about. πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Guys, I did it.

    1. Thank you. You are just a fantastic breath of fresh air right now. I am hoping the harassment will stop after today, especially since this post is my last jab at them. I had no idea what kind of hate group I was getting myself involved in when I originally commented.

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