13 Followers! YES!

I’ve just hit my lucky number of followers – thirteen! Thank you all!

I thought I’d post links to their blogs real quick before I log off, as a way of showing my appreciation. I hope you all don’t mind, and I encourage anyone else reading to go check out their blogs! They’ve got some really great stuff! (Click for more words…)


Guys, I did it.

The following post may be offensive to transgender/transsexual/bi-gender people and those who use their faith as an excuse to bully 19 year-old girls online. If you are transgender/transsexual/bi-gender or cannot handle having your views challenged without throwing a virtual tantrum, I encourage you to skip reading this post, as it will probably offend you. I repeat, skip this post if you don’t want to be offended. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life. (Click for more words…)

A Storm, The Holidays, And The Mentally Ill

This is something that, as a Christian, I really don’t think about nearly enough. Once I get my life in order I hope I can start focusing on volunteering more. It’s scary to think that if I hadn’t been so blessed with such an amazing family, I could very well be on the streets, myself. So many of these homeless people have just been given unfortunate and overwhelming circumstances and battles in life and they don’t know how to cope. I hope they can get help soon, especially with winter fast approaching.

A Journey With You

Storms terrify me, and we had a big storm in Southern California yesterday. The wind was rattling all of our sliding glass windows (we live in an old condo, on the third floor, and the sliding glass doors are very loose and in need of weatherizing). The rain was coming down so hard it sounded like someone had turned on a very loud shower. The thunder would occasionally boom and rumble. I curled up in bed and in a pathetic attempt to drown out the sounds of the first winter storm, I turned on a fan.

As I was wrapped up in the covers of my bed, I thought about the people, over ten thousand of them, living on the streets, some within walking distance of where I was warm and dry. Many of the people without a roof over their head last night are mentally ill. I tried to…

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The Horrifying Halloween Party and Why You Shouldn’t Lick Me

I originally wrote this in the very early morning hours of November 1st, after coming home from a party. It was originally meant to be a rant about having OCD, but it turned into a rant about my friend, which is why this post is so long. I didn’t post it until now because I’ve been too tired or busy to edit it.

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was pretty good. I had a party and a makeup-heavy costume that were causing me a lot of anxiety early on in the day (I actually woke up in the morning!), but the costume turned out really well and the party was fun, for the most part. Actually, I’m writing today because something happened at the party that ticked me off and upset me, and, well, this is the perfect place to express those emotions. (Click for more words…)