Rant #1: Yazmin’s Stupid Club

This is a rant. That means that what you are about to read was written in an anger-filled state of mind and does not necessarily accurately portray the thoughts and opinions normally held by the writer. The views expressed in this rant do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by the Roman Catholic Church, or by all Roman Catholics, or by all Christians, or by all religious people, or by all Americans, or by all heterosexual people, or by all cisgendered people, or by all writers, or by all bloggers, or by all of WordPress, or by all musicians, or by all people suffering from mental illness, or by all women, or by all nineteen year-olds, or by all mice, or by any other group or person or location or activity you associate me with or that I associate myself with. They are simply the personal thoughts held by the writer at the time of writing, and are subject to change. If you are sensitive to the topic of LGBT rights or gay marriage, I encourage you to skip reading this post, as it will probably offend you. I repeat, skip this post if you don’t want to be offended. Don’t let any negativity on this blog ruin your life. The following post was not proofread or edited. The following post contains strong and offensive language. Comments are turned off for the following post. That is all.

Lemme just take a minute and say, damn, that disclaimer was good. Okay. Onto the rant.

Screw it. I’ve been contemplating doing this for the past two days, but this is one of those things that has to be said, one way or another.

So my sister Yazmin joined some sort of gay-straight alliance club at school, and when I heard this I was like, “Great, here we go. They’re gonna tell her everything wrong with Christianity and she’ll be converting before you know it.” I gave my mom, who was talking with Yazmin and me, a look, and they were both like, “What?” And I said, hesitantly, not wanting to piss off my I’m-a-friend-of-all and extremely judgmental sister and my also extremely judgmental mom, “Um, you don’t have a problem with this? They’re gonna make her go against her religion.” And Yazmin was just immediately like, “Oh, nononono, that’s not what it is at all. We’re just goin’ around bein’ friends and showing support.” And my mom assured me it was fine, too. And I was like, fine, I’m not buyin’ it, but fine.

Yeah well since joining this stupid club, Yazmin’s been obsessed with all things LGBT. I mean, she’s been obsessed with it. Everyone is. But she’s all Miss Activist, “educating” me on shit I already know and pointing out every trans or gay kid from her dumbass school. And I thought it was weird, until the other day when I saw her club folder and remembered, “Ah, yes, she’s VP of the Anti-Religion club.” (Mom also let her become vice president, or some other high-ranking official, of the club, which is a dumb idea for multiple reasons – number one being, my sister can’t handle the stress of running some newbie club, she’s got enough other stuff going on.)

Okay, so, the folder is really what started my needing to rant/vent/whatever the f*** you wanna call it. She’s going through her phone at a family event, and I see a comic. Thinking, y’know, the comic’s funny, like comics are supposed to be, and being super bored, I asked to see her phone. She shows it to me, and instead of it being something super hilarious, it’s just another f***ing activism shit for trans people. Not funny at all. Just uncomfortable. But since Miss Judgmental is sitting right there, I fake some sort of smile as best I can (what face are you even supposed to make after reading something like that?). Then she holds up her stupid folder and points to something she’s written in it: the statistics for how many trans commit suicide (which, once again, I already f***ing knew). And she gives me this look like just from showing me that stupid statistic she’s changed the world and my whole view on life. I resist rolling my eyes and look at the other crap she’s written on the folder. Some of it’s fine, some it’s more facts, but two or three of the things written (and there were less than ten things written, so two or three is a lot) is the same, f***ing anti-religion CRAP I hear all. The f***ing. Time. “I didn’t vote on your marriage”. “Think how stupid you’ll look in 40 years” (my absolute least favorite). Etc, etc.

Yeah, thanks, Yazmin, for comparing me to a f***ing KKK member. Just because I don’t support your f***ing (I’m about to stop censoring that word…) cause doesn’t make me a damn racist serial killer. For f***’s sake! And, FYI, GENIUS, you’re one of those people that asinine quote is talking about! You think just because you join their stupid little club and memorize their stupid little statistics they’re gonna leave you alone? HA! As if! They’re not gonna stop until you’ve left the Church, are having sex whenever/wherever/with whomever, and you’ve marched in every single f***ing one of their dumbass “pride” parades (read: dress as scandalously as you can, mock religion, and then cry “bigot” and “discrimination” when we make a negative comment).

Here’s the thing. Why, in order for me, or Yazmin, or anyone else, gay, straight, trans, whatever, to support you as a human being, do I have to renounce my religion and agree with gay marriage? Why? That’s the problem I have. I’m fine with my sister joining a club that promotes tolerance. But why does tolerance have to mean that I’m fine with your unnatural “marriage”? (Ah-ha, you weren’t pissed off before, but now you are.) I don’t need some f***ing club trying to control my sister’s religion, or my religion, or anyone else’s.

To demand that I be okay with your lifestyle choices in order to not be guilty of a crime, is idiotic, hateful, and bigoted. You f***ers think you’ve got it so awful. Well GUESS. WHAT. You already f***ing won. Why the f*** are you still bitching and moaning? ’cause there are people out there who still choose to go to church? Because there are people out there who don’t approve of gay marriage? Because that one particular bakery won’t make you a f***ing wedding cake, so let’s sue their asses and throw them in jail until they renounce their religion and see everything just like we do. Yeah, ’cause there’s nothing wrong with that.

I am fine with treating you like a human being. I always have been, and I always will. Unlike you, I don’t go around trying to control people and force them to see things my way (unless it’s abortion; but that’s for another day). I don’t go suing people because they won’t bake me a stupid cake (newsflash: there are, like, thousands of other bakeries in this country. Go to one of those, dumbass). I am not fine with you trying to brainwash my gullible sister into ditching her faith. I’m not fine with you hating me just ’cause I don’t support gay “marriage”. I’m not fine with being bullied, and discriminated, and ostracized because of my religion. You think your life is so terrible? Being gay is cool. Everyone is f***ing gay. You know what’s not cool? Being Christian. I am hated by society just because of the church I go to. You guys won, alright? So quit trying to force me to see things your way. Because I’m not going to.

I mean, I called it, didn’t I? I knew exactly what that club’s agenda was. I knew exactly what was going to happen. Why does “gay-straight alliance” have to mean “I support gay marriage and will make fun of those who don’t”? Marriage is not a necessity to live. Yeah, I don’t support your relationship. Doesn’t mean I hate you or anything like that. And, like I said, you’ve won already. QUIT FORCING YOUR VIEWS ON ME. THERE IS NO NEED. YOU’VE GOTTEN WHAT YOU WANTED.

But nah. This club’s gonna keep hiding behind the lie of “friendship”. It’s going to continue to bully the Christian kids, and support lewd displays in the hallway. Yazmin’ll be brainwashed, and I’ll continue to be bullied by my own family for following the religion they raised me in. Ha, and who’s the one facing persecution?