So This Is How My Day Went (#2)

Reading over yesterday’s post, I happily realized something: that puppy picture is really darn cute. Okay, no, but seriously: I met all my realistic expectations today! I got up before five, I showered, I brushed my teeth (twice!), I went to choir practice, and I actually didn’t eat any potato chips today. It wasn’t a perfect day, but it was a heckuva lot better than yesterday.

I went to bed after publishing that post at, like, 3 AM and set my alarm for 9:30. Surprisingly, I actually fell asleep. It wasn’t a very restful sleep, but every time I woke up I was able to go right back to sleep. Which was great. But when my alarm went off, it wouldn’t let me Snooze. I got ticked off with it, turned it off, and pulled the ol’ “five more minutes” schtick (I literally told myself I’d sleep for just five more minutes). Apparently my brain thinks “five more minutes” means five-and-a-half more hours, because the next time I opened my eyes, it was 2:50. I was both furious and extremely disappointed at the same time. When things go wrong, I guess I like to have someone to blame, and who better to blame than my parents? Yeah, so the first thing I said (yelled) to my mom today was an angry “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Dumb of me in hindsight, but it was a perfectly rational action to my just-woke-up mind. I pouted through my breakfast/lunch, then hurried upstairs to take a shower, since I now only had a few hours to go from the classic “Anon hasn’t showered or done anything productive in three days” look to everyone’s favorite “everything is perfect in Anon’s life” look. After the shower, I felt significantly better. I was able to get dressed, print out my choir music, and get my choir stuff together all in thirty minutes, and I got to the church (it’s a church choir, FYI) with ten minutes to spare.

Before practice started, Kaiden’s mom and I were talking and she brought up the picture. For a split second I thought about mentioning that I didn’t want the picture to be Public, but decided it wasn’t worth it and kept my mouth shut. Kaiden’s mom told me the picture had gotten a lot of compliments and Likes, which, although I responded in my usual awkward way, I did appreciate hearing the compliments. Choir went well, for the most part. There was some bickering amongst the singers, but that only gave me and the other violinist there, Nate, an opportunity to bond over how frustrated we were with the other choir members. And of course seeing Kaiden, who I originally met at choir, was a nice bonus. But a bit of anxiety also arose from seeing him (my OCD has been very focused on our relationship). His little sister Ysabel followed us around after practice, despite Kaiden repeatedly telling her to leave us alone, and at one point she said, totally out of the blue, “You just want to be alone so you can kiss him. Kaiden’s one of those guys who believes the first kiss should be saved for marriage, by the way.” Kaiden, beyond annoyed with her at this point, agreed that those are his views on the matter, and me, beyond uncomfortable with this awkward and random conversation, changed the subject as soon as I could. Afterwards, though, I found myself worrying over this. While I am sure as heck not ready to be all smoochy-smoochy with Kaiden, I really don’t want my first kiss to be at my wedding. The rational part of my brain is telling me I don’t need to worry about this until I’m actually ready to kiss him, but the OCD I’m-gonna-over-analyze-every-single-little-thing-wrong-with-this-relationship part of my brain is like, “Nope, he refuses to kiss you ever unless you get married. He has to be perfect and if he’s not you need to move on right away because otherwise you have to marry this guy.” It’s annoying, but I’m gonna try my best to push past it and listen to the rational side of my brain, because I like this guy too much to break up with him at this early point. (Oh, there’s the anxiety again…”She professed her undying love for Kaiden on the Internet. Now you have to get married or The Universe will never let you live it down.”) His views on kissing really should be a relief to me, though. Now I don’t have to keep analyzing Kaiden’s every gesture to make sure he isn’t preparing to dive in like a pelican and kiss me when I’m totally not ready.


I'm surprised I found a picture that so accurately matches the image I had in my head.
I’m surprised I found a picture that so accurately matches the image I had in my head.

Overall, my day contained much more good than bad. I mean, I brushed my teeth twice. That should show you just how good of a day it was for me. Anyway, take yesterday’s unrealistic expectations, add in “study for GED test”, and you get tomorrow’s unrealistic expectations. What are some realistic expectations? I dunno. Maybe get up before two, and repeat the accomplishments I made today. Though I really would like to get some studying in tomorrow…

That’s all for this installment. Thank you guys for the sweet/encouraging comments on my last post, and for all the new follows.

6 thoughts on “So This Is How My Day Went (#2)

  1. Congratulations on meeting so many of your goals and making the best out of frustrating moments. It’s nice to see. BTW, if you need any GED prep advice, let me know. My mental illness prevented me from graduating, but I ended up having the highest test score my testing center had had in over a decade when I took my GED. No pressure, just a friendly offer.

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    1. Oh wow, that’s impressive! Thanks for the offer. I will definitely come to you if I have any questions. Oh wait, I have some right now. How did you prepare for the test, which subject were you most nervous about, and, if you don’t mind my asking, how long was it between high school and when you got your GED? Thank you!

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      1. In my area, they offered GED prep classes that were free as long as you took the test within a year. They were great for helping me establish what areas I was lacking in and should focus on. I was most nervous about science and social studies, but those portions were almost exclusively reading comprehension when I took the test ( like here’s a social studies article and a science graph, and some questions about each). I’m particularly strong at math, but for many people that was the area they needed most refreshing on. I got surprise stuck in the writing portion because part of it is an essay on a random topic that is supposed to be applicable to just about anyone. I ended up getting “your favorite sport”. The closest I come to sports in real life is kicking ass at air hockey, singing (which I had successfully defended as a sport in an essay in middle school, and competitive poker. None of which were exactly good examples, so I was a paragraph short and got docked a few points there. Statistical anomaly, given that it IS a rather general topic. Reading was mostly compromised of answering questions about articles/poems/ etc in the test, and the other half of writing was multiple choice, fixing grammar, punctuation, and spelling in articles in the test with deliberate errors.

        I dropped out halfway through my senior year, at 18, and I took the test about two years later.

        Hope that helps!

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        1. Thank you very much! I’m most nervous about math and the essays/short responses. It’s been about three years since I’ve been in public school, and I’ve found I’ve forgotten a lot of math. 0_0 And I’ve never been any good at writing essays. (I got a 50% on the social studies essay…) But my mom bought me a GED prep-book, plus I’ve taken practice tests, so if I work hard at studying the prep-book I should be okay. I already took the social studies section and “passed with honors” – hopefully I can keep it up!
          You mentioned you were “a paragraph short” on the essay. On the social studies and practice tests there wasn’t a limit mentioned, so I’m wondering how you knew you were short?

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          1. On my test (it might vary from state to state, and over time), the writing portion had 2 sections. 1 was the grammar and punctuation correction stuff, 2 was a 5 paragraph essay in whatever the preferred format was then (I honestly don’t remember, I rarely followed those structures anyway lol). I wrote 4 paragraphs. Still was in the 97th percentile though, it just knocked me down from the 99th. Ce la vie. 🙂

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